The second largest city in Romania and the most important economic and cultural center in the western part of the country, Timisoara is a delight to the travelers’ eye. It is also know under the name of ‘Little Vienna’, due to the very long period under the Habsburg Empire. The buildings in the center of the city have been built in the Kaiser era and they resemble a lot to old Vienna. The city abounds with churches, a Jewish quarter, a baroque square and a pedestrian downtown area.

Thanks to its mild climate, Timisoara has lots of public squares and lush green retreats. You will always find a park, an idyllic spot for a retreat. The Roses Park is the perfect place for a romantic walk, or you can choose the Botanical Garden. A great way to spend a sunny afternoon would be a walk along the Bega River. The city is easy to explore on foot, and you will discover many hidden places and small cafes at every corner.

Timisoara is home to year-round musical and theatrical performances, art galleries, museums and a buzzing nightlife.

* Timisoara was the first European city to introduce horse-drawn trams (in 1869).
* Timisoara was the first city in Europe and second in the world after New York, to use electricity to illuminate its public streets.
* Johnny Weissmuller, Hollywood’s original Tarzan, was born here.
* The Metropolitan Cathedral has 5000 oaks supports underneath it.


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